Bean Baker Band Bend Boundaries


It doesn’t seem usual to go from playing The Zuton’s, Katie Perry and Elvis, to leading a group of worshippers to sing passionately “You’re a good good father”, but the fabulous Bean Baker Band seem to make it effortless and a very natural celebration and enjoyment of music.

Christ Church Felixstowe hosted this informal concert, providing a relaxed atmosphere of fun, good music, and worship. Music was the great winner, with the band and the audience joining together in a range of secular and christian songs, including some of their own.

Having just spent a busy summer at New Wine, CreationFest, RiverCamp & Kingstock, the band enjoyed the opportunity to also lead people in worship in the second part of the evening.

The event was organised by Ministry of Music, a local charity with a national outreach. Their mission is to support and bring together UK Christian artists and event organisers in order to resource the church in its outreach and worship, to equip more Christian events with quality music and use the ministry of music to bring people closer to God. They have just released a new promotional video.