Help deliver 150 luxury hampers to vulnerable families in Ipswich this Christmas


One Ipswich charity will be distributing 150 luxury Christmas food hampers to local families in need this Christmas. The community group called Love Ipswich, established by local church Proclaimers Ipswich, have been receiving donations of items such as boxes of mince pies, packets of stuffing and jars of cranberry sauce from members of the public and local businesses.

Project co-ordinator Fran Marcus said: “We try to include everything a family of four needs for Christmas dinner, and a few extra little treats. We add a voucher for perishable items and wrap it all up as a beautiful hamper.”

The charity works with agencies to identify the people most in need at Christmas, including refugees, families being helped by social services, and people living in hostels. “We want to support existing Ipswich charities in the work they are already doing. We will be delivering the hampers to agencies working with families with very complex needs. Christmas should be a great time, but it can also be a stress and a burden. Hopefully we are lifting that stress and worry and preventing difficult financial situations.”

Last year we were able to deliver 68 luxury Christmas hampers to vulnerable families within our town.

One family couldn’t thank us enough for their Christmas hamper. They explained that they had received their hamper as part of a local Christmas event. Mum explained that they had a child suffering from a long term chronic illness in the local hospice. She had been worried about what they would have to eat on Christmas Day and had no time or resources to provide the Christmas they had dreamed of for their family. They were so surprised by the contents of the hamper and said that there was everything that they needed to make their meal, and more!

The family were able to use some of the treats to share around the hospice. They said that they had the best Christmas ever and spoke about the lovely things they had eaten. they tried Christmas Pudding for the first time!

The charity will be receiving a special offering towards its Christmas Hamper appeal at the Church’s annual Christmas special on Sunday 17th December. “Our Christmas Special is full of live music and performance to get people into the Christmas spirit, plus a Christmas party for the children”, explained the Church’s lead Pastor Tom Rawls, “But in the midst of all the celebration we want people to remember the heart of Christmas is all about giving, which is why our Christmas Hamper appeal will be a key focus of the event.”

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