Challenging the silence surrounding death


A group in Woodbridge is seeking to challenge society’s tendancy not to talk about the issues surrounding death. Here they explain the open approach allowing people to share their thoughts and feelings.

All of us will have experienced the death of a loved one and experienced the pain of grief first-hand or in supporting others close to us. For a long time our society has somehow conspired to silence talk about death or about dying; it has been a closed subject which many are frightened to broach but long to talk about. The Church of England and people in our diocese have begun to tackle the silence many of us experience around us by offering GraveTalk sessions, where people of all faiths or none can talk very naturally and freely in small groups about many aspects of death and dying and funerals.

At a session you sit in small groups, and prompted by questions provided on a set of cards, you talk together. You are free to share personal thoughts and feelings, ask questions and draw on your own life experience, whatever is comfortable for you. A facilitator looks after each small table and everyone’s views and feelings are respected and valued. Lots of tea, coffee and cake help as well.

Everyone is welcome. If you want to talk to someone about GraveTalk, then please contact the office at St Mary’s Church, Woodbridge (01394 388820) and you will be put in touch with one of the organisers.