‘The Key’ announces new events for 2018

The Key is a christian based centre of activity near the centre of Ipswich. In conjunction with Bethesda Baptist Church, they offer a wide range of activities such as a cafe, listening service and room hire. The events organised at The Key have always proven very popular, and now these have been announced for 2018.

‘An evening with tough talk’ (Saturday 17th March) 

Tough Talk is made up of a group of men with backgrounds of ex-bouncers and ex-East End hard men who have turned their backs on their past. Many of the team are very keen powerlifters. All the team feel that having let God into their lives they now have an urgent need to share their experiences with the hope of helping others. They have found that the message of hope in Jesus Christ reaches people from all backgrounds and age groups.

An evening of inspiring stories from Hope House (Saturday 12th May)

Since Hope House opened in North Wales in April 1996 it has been offering women the opportunity to break free from long term drug and alcohol addiction and to re-engage with the normal course of everyday life. The founder and first manager was Audrey Rankin whose pioneering spirit and total commitment to her call from God means that Hope House is one of the most successful female residential drug ministries in the UK. Since Audrey tragically died in 2003 her book “Treasures of Hope” has been an inspiration to many. A second book “Voices of Hope” by Fiona Fallon tells the stories of a number of women who have made the journey from depths of despair to a life of true liberty. Come and hear some of these inspiring stories as we welcome a group from Hope House to “The Key”.

An evening with E gangs (Saturday 28th July) 

E-Gangs is a London based exit gang prevention and intervention charity. It is part of Teen Challenge London. The E in E-Gangs stands for exit. It is a faith-based organisation founded on Biblical principles. However they are not faith biased and will work with anyone who requires or wants help. For many getting out of a gang life-style can be extremely dangerous. They have strong links with education, training and employment providers as well as a successful track-record with housing, which is key to safety. E-Gangs director Paul Dayes went through the Teen Challenge Programme in 2010 and expressed a desire to work with gang members. It represents Teen Challenge going back to its routes when David Wilkerson worked with the gang members in New York. Come along and hear powerful testimonies of men set free from a life of addiction and crime.

Harvest buffet with Fiona Castle (Saturday 8th September)

Fiona has written a number of books, including five anthologies of prose and poems, autobiographies and a book on coping with cancer. She has run the London Marathon twice for Oasis Trust, for which she is a patron. Fiona was given an OBE for her work with Global Care and other charities in 2004. Come and hear Fiona’s inspirational story at “The Key”.