Micro-grants available to churches in Suffolk


Cinnamon Network is inviting local churches in Suffolk to apply for a Cinnamon Micro-Grant of £2,000 to help with the costs of setting up a Cinnamon Recognised Project.

Cinnamon Network aims to make it as easy as possible for local churches to transform their communities by reaching out and building life-giving relationships with those in greatest need. They go on to explain;

“We help churches respond to the most pressing needs in their community by providing a menu of best-practice Cinnamon Recognised Projects that can easily be replicated. Alongside the projects we offer advice, funding, support and leadership training. We recognise that we all achieve more when we work in partnership and so, through initiatives like our Civic Prayer Events and Faith Action Audits, we help churches build strong civic partnerships and demonstrate the great work they are doing within their communities.”

Projects that have been set up and are running successfully across the UK include;

‘Clean Sheet’ – offering a 3 step pathway from prison to employment

‘Creative English’ – using drama based materials to English to those with few or no language skills

‘Intentional Health’ – inspiring healthy communities

‘Parish Nursing’ – appointing nurses who support people and communities

‘Who Let the Dads Out?’ – supporting fathers and children within the community

For more information go to www.cinnamonnetwork.co.uk/cinnamon-micro-grants-suffolk/