New Church opens it’s doors in Saxmundham


Towards the end of 2017 a new Church opened in Saxmundham. One of the leaders, Paul Weekes, explains how this has come about.

“God called my wife (Mandy) and myself to open up a church in Saxmundham – to help people come to know God and come closer to God, and to step out to do His calling. We opened our doors on the 5th November 2017.

We offer a free style of service with a time of praise and worship, prayer, open prophecy and preaching on the Word of God to help and challenge. You can stand, sit, clap and raise your hands, dance – do whatever you feel comfortable as we join together in church. It’s about feeling free and welcome.”

Paul continues, “We have an attitude of being open to everybody – to help and encourage one another to grow in faith and also to take the church out to people to help and guide them to come to know God, and also to do His calling – as individuals and working together.  

We are linked with the Harvest Network, a group of independent churches in the United Kingdom.

Our doors are open every Sunday at 10:00am for refreshments, with a 10:30am start.  We also have a time for drinks, biscuits and cake at the end of the service.

Please feel free to come along every or any Sunday which you can make – it will be great to see you.”

For more information phone 07849731550 to speak to one of our on call members.