Today in Ipswich….


So earlier today a young ‘impoverished’ college student decided to buy himself lunch at McDonalds and eat it as he walked back home. On his way, just as he was about to tuck in to his longed for meal, he saw a homeless guy propped up by the Water Front. He’d seen him a number of times before as he walked or cycled to college, but today he thought he looked especially tired and poorly. He walked past…and then stopped.

“I could give this food to that guy”, he thought. “I could always get home and make myself some lunch – even if it’s not as good as this.”

Then, the thoughts of why not to do this also flooded in to his mind….’The guy might be offended…He might not really be homeless….What will other people think?’


Today, in Ipswich, around lunch time, a young man gave his lunch to a man who needed it much more (he said “Thanks” and devoured it quickly). It no doubt filled his empty stomach on a cold, wet day, but it did much more. Because today, in Ipswich, a young guy acknowledged someone who may often feel ‘invisible’ as visible. He created a moment of unwarranted compassion. He broke society’s norm of inaction and, as it turned out, in doing so it re-energised his own faith.

It reminded me of a book I read a while ago, ‘The 10-Second Rule; Following Jesus made simple’ by Clare De Graff. If you are wondering how to live a life that brings you closer to Jesus in relationship and how that may affect your life, then maybe give it a look.