An Easter message


Local Ipswich musician Erol Rezvan and poet Elaine Coltham have together produced a special composition for Easter.

Erol says, “The poem has an important Easter message to it which often gets squeezed out with all the chocolate eggs and bunnies about! It may not taste like chocolate but we  hope that it will give people ‘food for thought’ and reflection over the Easter period.”

Sharing her latest poem, Elaine says, “I hope you will receive the joy of Easter morning and the promise of the risen Jesus this Easter and always.”

My God of the ocean
My God of the sky
You know the depths of my heart
Feel the tears that I cry.

My God of the dark night
My God of new day
You hold me as I sleep
Faithfully listen as I pray.

My God of bright sunshine
My God of thunderous rain
You are constantly with me
Through life’s joy and pain.

My God of cruel nails
My God who freely died
You took my sin to the cross
So I could rest by your side.

My God of the beginning
My God of the end
My creator, my redeemer
My Saviour and my friend.

© Elaine Coltham 2018