Spectacular exhibition comes to St Edmundsbury Cathedral


Threads through Revelation is a spectacular display of textile art, showing many images from the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible. The exhibition is visiting cathedrals across the country for the next three years and will be on display in St Edmundsbury Cathedral from 19 June to 18 August 2018. 

David Wilkinson, The Principal, St Johns College, Durham University writes:

Jacqui Parkinson has approached Revelation with all the seriousness of a professional theologian but also as someone who wants to engage the text with her passion and training in art. In working with her own art form she brings insights to the text which sometimes reinforce, sometimes question and sometimes push further the academic commentaries. This is a fine piece of work and gives a distinct contribution to the scholarship on Revelation. But more than that it engages the artist and the lay person in an imaginative exploration of God’s Word.