Talitha Koum Update


The Talitha Koum project, near Ipswich, has recently undergone some changes. Here they provide an update on their work and organisation.

Although our Women Together Support Groups in Ipswich are seeing a blossoming of their work and many women managing their addictions better, Talitha Koum has been facing a challenging time.

The Hope Centre unexpectedly had to cease progress with our plan to offer post-detox rehabilitation for women with drug and alcohol addictions. This was for a variety of factors, not least the reduction in government funding into this sector of care. We have therefore been reviewing how best to utilise the wonderful resource that we have stewardship of and have concluded that with so many vulnerable women in our society we are uniquely positioned to provide supported accommodation for vulnerable women.

Offering a broad range of therapeutic interventions and activities, the Hope Centre will be welcoming a wider range of vulnerable women – some who need support post rehabilitation, those who have been abused, women seeking refuge from intolerable circumstances – and they will all experience a range of activities and support to help them towards independent living.
The Centre is also to be a hub of Christian community with a variety of activities that women can involve themselves in as they wish.Do pray for us as we tie off the final requirements to make this all happen – and watch out for further exciting news!
In the face of the sadness of having some staff with alcohol and drug rehab skills leave the charity, we are delighted to let you know that we have now been joined by Marlene Scrivener who will be running the Hope Centre. Some of you may know Marlene from the Ipswich Winter Night Shelter and Hope into Action operations and we are hugely excited to have Marlene on board! As soon as our first women are with us we shall let you know…..!!

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and other support.

For more information visit www.talithakoum.org.uk

Ken – Project Director