Before CAP came into my life, I was so much in debt! I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t eat much – I just had plain toast. I couldn’t eat – I was so worried I wouldn’t open my door to anyone. I even kept my curtains drawn.

I didn’t look to the future – as far as I was concerned I hadn’t got one. I’d find a quiet place and pray to God for help and he did – CAP!

They were kind, helpful and understanding. They changed my life forever. They gave me vouchers for coffee, a big Christmas hamper – they helped me save money.

“I’m proud I am now out of my debt”

CAP Ipswich Christmas hampers

Now I have a nice little car, plenty of food… no more toast! Now I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I even wanted to end my miserable life, but I’m a church man so that was not going to happen. I prayed for help – God sent me angels from CAP -as to me that’s what they are. Please, please, if anyone is in debt trouble please get in touch with CAP. I thank and salute you at CAP – I love you all. Once again, thank you for giving me my life back – from one very happy man. Now I can breathe again. HURRAH!

Since the day I accepted God in my life I always pray for good health and blessings and peace to each and everyone. In December I prayed for a bigger car as I’m doing charity work – anyone who needs a lift going to Ipswich or short runs etc. Just before Christmas I received a card. I opened it when I got home and I was speechless. It was a card with an enclosed cheque for £1000. I shed a tear of joy – God had heard my prayers. I thank God. I now have a 7 seater car! Have a blessed day to one and all, Amen.

David was a client of the Ipswich CAP centre. See our main article for more information.