Inspiring Ipswich


Inspiring Ipswich aims to help to fulfill our vision of ‘flourishing congregations making a difference’ as we continue to Grow in God. Ipswich is the 13th most secular town in England with a growing population, so we need ambitious aims and aspirations to share Good News and grow new disciples.

In Ipswich Deanery we believe God is leading us to achieve by 2025:

  • 5% of the Ipswich Deanery population (7,000 people) engaged in exploring faith. This could be for instance via Alpha, accessible and inspiring worship services, one to one conversations at work, home, school or in the community.
  • 10% of people (14,000 people) impacted by Church-led community engagement, such as town pastors, winter night shelter, care home visiting, food banks, mentoring schemes with young people.
  • An increase the number of worshipping communities from 25 to 47 (1 per 4,000 of population).
  • 1,550 new Christian disciples.

“Inspiring Ipswich is about developing ways of engaging with those in Ipswich who have no previous experience of Christian faith, as well as reinvigorating Christian communities facing tough challenges. It is already producing fruit in terms of creativity and collaboration, and gaining momentum and energy – please pray for God’s continued blessing on this dimension of Growing in God”  Bishop Mike.

Inspiring Ipswich is already happening! Using the strengths, opportunities and energies we have within the Ipswich Deanery there is much we can do. Achieving these aims will require us to both strengthen individual parishes and to work as a team across the Deanery, sharing ideas and resources and supporting each other.  Please pray for Inspiring Ipswich over the summer and consider how you could help the Ipswich Deanery particularly if you are a member of an Ipswich church or congregation.  Discuss what Inspiring Ipswich is: the vision, the ambition and potential, and the need to start to do some things differently if we are to be flourishing congregations making a difference.

“As we look to build and maintain the momentum of ‘Inspiring Ipswich’ the Deanery is being called to see where God is at work in our parishes and then join in with his mission. It has been said that the church in mission is the church for others and this is so true as we seek to make disciples for Christ”  said the Revd Canon Nick Atkins.

The Deanery Leadership Team is being supported by an externally-funded project consultant, Lucy de Las Casas, to further develop the project plan over the summer and autumn. Over the coming weeks and months they will be seeking to engage people on:

  • Opportunities for working alongside parishes to strengthen congregations and support green shoots
  • Ways to share knowledge and create networks and partnerships across Ipswich to benefit parishes and the wider Deanery
  • Opportunities for new congregations, Fresh Expressions and Church planting

There will be opportunities to engage in developing Inspiring Ipswich work and we will be communicating regular progress reports. If you would like more information about Inspiring Ipswich or want to get involved please email

Original article published by the Diocese of St Edmundsbury