Christmas: Fact or Feel-Good Factor?


In his new book, local retired minister, John Sacre, considers our approach to Christmas and the feelings it brings about. Here, John talks about the book and Teresa Tyler provides a review.

“Most of us love Christmas. It touches the parts of us that other festivals don’t touch. But does it last? Or do you get that left over feeling afterwards? Do you approach the New Year with a much-reduced Bank balance and simply wish you had been more careful with the Christmas budget? It doesn’t need to be that way. The Spirit of Christmas can live on and help you through your life when you discover it. I did about 40 years ago, this is my personal story.”


After reading “Christmas: Fact or Feel-Good Factor?”, I would say it is like a key opening a door and entering a room that has so much “treasure” inside that looking at it isn’t enough; the desire to touch and feel that which is so good and never encountered before, becomes anwhole new experience.

This easy to read book tells the story of John Sacre’s personal journey through the Christmas story which leads him to have faith in God.

John’s gentle, uncomplicated way of sharing his faith by relating memories from his past in short anecdotes together with a touch of humour makes this book feel “warm” and appealing.

John relates the Christmas story and its characters from the Bible in a way that isn’t “make-believe” or “fairy tale-like”, but is believable, convincing and also thought provoking. He brings the past and makes it alive to the present by portraying how his faith in God has worked in his own life over many years.  The fact of the truth that this book illustrates can make us feel good.

This is an inspiring read for anyone who is wondering “why do we have Christmas?”; “Is God real?”; “Who is Jesus and how is He relevant today?”

In the conclusion, John recounts a dream a friend of his dreamt of a wood burner that has been prepared ready to ignite but hadn’t yet been lit; following this is the Epilogue where John tells “his story” and my analysis would be once you have read this Epilogue together with the rest of the book, you will know in your heart whether you want to “ignite the fire”.

“Christmas: Fact or Feel-Good Factor?” is available through Amazon or Kindle.

John Sacre is a retired Baptist Minister and served in two Churches in Suffolk from 1992 to 2011. His first Church was at Warwick Avenue FIEC, Woodbridge for 8 years and then at Nansen Road Baptist Church, Ipswich for 10 years until his retirement.