Chaplaincy volunteers needed


West Suffolk Hospital Chaplaincy Department needs volunteers! Could this be you?

Chaplaincy volunteers are trained lay visitors who help complement the work of the chaplains by assisting with the spiritual, pastoral and social support and care of those in hospital.

Volunteers come from many different backgrounds, but all enjoy spending time with people on a one-to-one basis.

Admission to hospital (whether planned or as a result of an emergency), is often a catalyst for people to reflect on a range of things: their relationships and what really matters to them, the different frameworks they have for making sense of life and the world, what brings them hope and a sense of well-being and so on. Chaplains are often those to whom patients, relatives and staff turn in order to talk these sorts of things through and work as part of the wider healing team within the hospital (in collaboration with doctors, nurses and other members of multi-disciplinary teams).

Chaplaincy volunteers play an important part within the chaplaincy department. Weekday volunteers are allocated to a particular ward, where they visit on a regular weekly basis and can spend time talking or simply being with anyone who would like it. This involves respecting people wherever they are coming from in relation to faith and however it might be expressed (or not).

Others help us by:

  • Collecting names for Sunday chapel on a Saturday
  • Helping as stewards for the Sunday morning service
  •  Collecting patients from the wards in wheelchairs and bringing them down to the Sunday service
  • Playing for worship
  • Arranging flowers in the chapel
  • Being Prayer Partners praying for the work of the chaplaincy
  • Becoming a Chaplaincy friend who visit people who have given their permission once they have left hospital
  • Visiting patients at Newmarket Hospital and Glastonbury Court in Bury.

If you are interested or would like further information about becoming a chaplaincy volunteer, please contact the chaplaincy department (01284 713486 / 712704 or 713771). You might also want to discuss your thoughts with your local minister or spiritual leader. It is expected that those who come forward for training as volunteers will do so with the full support of their home church or faith group community.