African Adventure Volunteer Opportunities


The African Adventure village has been attacked! Rebels have taken everything and the villagers can no longer return. African Adventure needs a courageous team to make this village habitable again, bringing food and water back to the village, finding medicine and deactivating a minefield…

African Adventure is an outdoor residential programme for schools and other groups that promises to stay with the children long after their visit is over. This unforgettable and unique learning experience immerses children in an world full of adventure, different cultures, and important social challenges. African Adventure is not just an activity residential, it’s an unforgettable experience that time after time has brought out the very best in the children who take part. They learn about different cultures, how to work as a team and develop other parts of their character and how their lives can impact the lives of others. The children also learn about how faith is a huge part of lots of people’s lives around the world and how the Christian faith relates to everyday life. A proportion of the money paid to attend goes towards charities doing incredible work all over the world, including in Africa. The African Adventure programme is aimed at upper key stage two children but can be adapted to suit and challenge many different ages, linked into the National Curriculum. There are even programmes for high school children.

If you think you’d like to be an African Adventure team member, please get in touch with African Adventure. Or if you have a group you think would love an African Adventure, please get in touch today to order a free info pack with everything you need to get started.

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Telephone: 01473 216712

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