Form – A discipleship adventure for 18-35 year olds 


Burlington Baptist Church believes that discipleship matters today and aims to make as many opportunities as possible to inspire, shape and release disciples. Therefore it is part of the Form Network and is providing an opportunity right here in Ipswich.

Form is a challenging year of discipleship, rooted in a culture of leadership and mission. On Form you will learn what it means to be a disciple; to follow Jesus; to be like him. You will discover your identity as a child of God. You will begin to live like a missionary but rooted in the culture and context God has placed you in. Whilst Formees do their discipleship year based at Burlington, after their time there it is hoped they will go on to serve in their home church or in the context that God leads them too.

Here is a glimpse of what Form is like:

The key elements of the year are: information, imitation and innovation.

Information – One day a week of teaching input from experienced leaders and practitioners, alongside times of worship and being in God’s presence.

Imitation – One day a week growing leadership skills and competency for a ministry within the church or area God is calling you to. You will imitate a leader from that ministry area and be in a discipleship huddle with other Formees.

Innovation – Within the year there will be opportunities to innovate in the ministries you are serving in and take responsibility for some areas within your ministry area.

The Ministry serving will be a balance of stepping out in Leadership, being discipled by someone further on the journey and seeing transformation through mission in the context you are called to.

Form is presently being run in a number of centres across the UK. It has centres in Sheffield, Ipswich, Cambridge and Coventry with hope of more over the coming year. Everyone meets together regularly for teaching days, retreat weekends and for a Mission opportunity. The Form year runs from September to June and costs £1450.

If you are interested in how Form works or would like more information please contact Claire Earl, the minister at Burlington Baptist Church. Claire would also love to come and talk to your church about what Form offers.

t: +44 (01473) 259571