‘No Labels’ for community mental health project


Walton Parish Nursing is a Christian charity who support people in the Walton community towards whole person healthcare. This is care for the person’s overall well-being, incorporating body, mind and spirit. Mental Health Nurse John Gillett, recently told Network Suffolk about one of their latest initiatives, ‘No Labels’, which provides a place for people to gather in a holistic way.

John explains, “‘No Labels’ is an open access facility run by Walton Parish Nursing. It is for adults who experience any kind of mental health issue (so that includes almost everyone!). We meet on every second and fourth Tuesday between 1.30 and 3.30. People come for as short or long a time as they wish.”

“The essence of ‘No Labels’ is that none of us are seen as a diagnosis or a label – but that we can just be ourselves. It is a social occasion! We have jigsaws, games, adult colouring,  other crafts, newspapers and magazines, all in a relaxed atmosphere. We also have table-tennis and a chess board. Tea and coffee are free flowing and there are always plenty of biscuits!”

“It is often difficult to gauge the ‘success’ of such ventures but we have been running for over a year now and have a core of about ten people who attend regularly, and quite a few others who call in from time to time. Anecdotally I hear people say that they find it a safe space to come and that they enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.”

One of the most difficult aspects of living with a mental health problem is feelings of isolation and loneliness. ‘No Labels’ seeks to help counter this in some small measure.

“It is important to say that ‘No Labels’ is open to all. People don’t need to have a faith or to attend a church. However, as a Christian organisation we are always happy to discuss spiritual aspects of life with people. Walton Parish Nursing works in an holistic way, believing that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being are all important.”

John would be happy to speak with anyone about ‘No Labels’, and can be contacted on 07909 888703.

Walton Parish Nursing is a charity affiliated to Parish Nursing Ministries UK. It was established in 2006 by three of the churches in Walton – Maidstone Road Baptist Church, Seaton Road Methodist Church and St.Mary’s C of E.  For more information click here.