The Prayer Foundation will be hosting the LEARN leadership seminar on Friday & Saturday,  22 and 23 March at  The Barn, Mellis, Suffolk. The topic will be ‘Preparing for purpose’.

    Rod and Julie Anderson from The Prayer Foundation say, ‘Discovering our purpose, brings clarity into our lives. Also, there are steps of preparation as believers, that can help us be far more aware of God’s “signals” to us as His children, that will awaken His pre-planned journey for our life.  Every believer sees far more clearly, when they become truly aware of their God-given purpose in life.  We want to share with you some of the areas that helped us so much, to be ready to respond when the Lord tapped us on our shoulders.’

    Rod and Julie Anderson will share six sessions which will help people along the way, whether you are new to the Christian faith, or more mature and sensing a call to ministry.  Priests in the Old Testament had firmly laid out instructions about preparing to approach God’s tabernacle and His presence.  Rod and Julie say this is a God-given pattern there, that will make us fit to approach God’s presence, and minister to God’s people.

    Tickets cost £90 per person which includes meals (lunch and supper on Friday, and lunch on Saturday), but not accommodation.

    BOOK tickets AND see list of recommended B&B’s online at or call 0300 777 2223.