Local singer/songwriter, Charity Quin, has just released her latest album entitled GOOD MORNING GORGEOUS! Graeme Duncan spoke with Charity to find out more.

    Charity was born in London, into a musical family of six children. Her father was a Church of England minister who eventually became Bishop of Norwich from 1971 to 1985. Charity’s first memories of singing go back to when she was five years old and singing in the garden. She found faith at the same age.
    Charity started playing guitar to accompany herself when she was twelve. She started writing poetry at school and then began writing songs in her mid twenties. Charity said: “the words usually come first”. So how does inspiration for the music come? “I generally sit at the piano and begin playing a chord sequence and see where it leads,” said Charity.
    GOOD MORNING GORGEOUS! is Charity’s fourth studio album. It was a ten year project. “I wanted to write an album based on Jesus and the Gospel girls….the stories of women in the Bible. Some songs came quickly but some were crafted over a long period of time,” she said.
    The songs tell the stories of women who met Jesus and were valued and loved in a culture that gave women little credibility. Jesus walked across the lines of gender and race,  reaching out to the forgotten, the shunned and the ostracized, never condemning, offering unconditional love, grace, forgiveness and new hope! For these women life would never be the same again.
    GOOD MORNING GORGEOUS! can be bought online at
    Charity’s songs are also available on all digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon music, Apple music, etc.
    You can hear Charity singing and talking about the new songs at a concert on Saturday 6th April at St John’s Church, St. John’s Hill, Woodbridge, IP12 1HS at 7pm (see our Events page listings.)
    Proceeds from album sales that night will go to Talitha Koum.