Psalm 139 meditation


Local Ipswich musicians Erol Rezvan and Vicky Platt have teamed up to produce this latest meditative piece based on Psalm 139

Erol explains, “For those of you who are familiar with my project sounds with images you will know that I have been using pieces of poetic scripture from the Bible as inspiration to produce music.”

“A few months ago my daughter tasked me to write a musical composition to include vocals – something which I hadn’t done before. A lead vocalist in one of our Church worship bands, and local jazz singer, Vicky Platt, agreed to to do that for me which was fantastic of her! Vicky read the psalm, listened to the music I had composed, and with the aid of her son Jasper for the sound recording, provided a lovely addition to the piece.”

“To listen to what we came up visit my YouTube page… You know me (Psalm 139:1–12, 23–24)”