What is Mindfulness?


Tony Kimber, a registered Mindfulness teacher at mindfulyou.org.uk, provides a brief introduction to Mindfulness and explains how it relates to Christian spirituality.

What we think and how we act affects our physical and mental health. Mindfulness works because it teaches us to step back from the chaos of our modern lives and realise that the past is gone and the future hasn’t happened so the only thing we can influence is the present moment, and if we treat every moment as the first and the last, we can experience the joy of exploration and discovery again and again.

At Mindful You we show how Christian spirituality and mindfulness are closely linked and work together. We also emphasise how much meditation can be enhanced by prayer and prayer by meditation.

Mindfulness is about living a good and moral life, treating others with respect, not judging, not striving to be someone or something else, being patient and accepting the things you can’t change, letting go of the negatives in your life and your mind and trying to see every experience as something new to be embraced and enjoyed. All these things help you lead a caring and good life, and Christianity tells us to do that too.

We hope to help those with a faith to see the benefits of mindful meditation and reflection, and those without to see that Christian faith is nothing to be scared of.”

A fuller explanation of mindfulness along with details of the services offered by Mindful You can be found at www.mindfulyou.org.uk

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