Ask the Bishop session a big success in Sudbury


Over the past seven years, Christians and Muslims in Sudbury have been meeting a couple of times a year for joint meals and discussions.  Then, on Saturday 3 August, they took another step forward in co-operation…

The Bishop of Dunwich, Mike Harrison and Imam Ajmal, who leads Friday Prayers in Sudbury, were allotted adjoining places in the market and sat down to answer questions about their respective faiths. Each had a board encouraging passers-by to ask questions about such subjects as creation, suffering, science and religion and life after death. There was a very good response over a period of three hours and some good discussions.
It was clear that Christians and Muslims have beliefs and values in common but also have some differences.  However, there is mutual respect and friendship since we belong to one community which lives and works alongside each other.
Perhaps this is a venture which could be repeated in other areas of the County?
( photos by kind permission of David Lamming )