Network Suffolk invests to improve communication across the region


Local charity Network Suffolk has invested in improving its web site as it looks to enhance communication across the local Christian community.

Network Suffolk established an online place to share stories and information in September 2017. Since then it has steadily built a community via the web and social media, linking leaders and members of Churches across the region by way of sharing what is going on, with the aim of encouraging and inspiring people in their walks of faith.


Project lead, Phil Stollery said, “We are really excited by the developments we’ve made to our web site. One of our developments, which we see as key to making information accessible to people in a quick and easy way, is to establish a regular mailing list. People can now easily subscribe to our free e-bulletin, to receive a summary of latest news items as well as upcoming events.”

We are opening up access to individual database entries to the Churches…

“Another key development is within the database of Churches we have established. We have introduced a map and enhanced search facility, which can be filtered across different fields, including geographical areas and denomination. Each entry also has a location map and will even plot a route for you to get there! One neat feature is that we are opening up access to individual entries to the Churches themselves, to keep information up to date, and include further information on what they are doing. The ‘Claim this listing’ option may be especially of interest to Churches with no on line presence.”

“We have also changed the design slightly – to improve functionality, with improved navigation and more ways of doing the same thing. We also wanted to make it easier and more prominent for people to send us their stories and events, so we have now introduced templates where visitors can complete certain fields and submit these direct to our editors.”

Phil went on to conclude, “The whole point of what we are doing is to make this an accessible and shared resource for everyone. We have received good feedback and a growing community over the past two years, and so it was felt that we should invest in developing the web site to enhance what we do, and ‘future proof’ the technical side of this project.”

Invest is what Network Suffolk have done at this crucial time…

What started out as a relatively cost neutral project, has had to invest in on-going technical support and development to meet the growing interest in the work, and to ensure a professional and suitable platform to meet their aims. They have recently started working with Nick Amis from Entapris, who are now hosting the web site to provide more robust and timely support where required, as well as future development. This all comes at a cost, and whilst the current developments have been covered, it marks a need for Network Suffolk to look to raise a small amount of income to ensure the long term future of the project.

If you are interested in connecting with Network Suffolk in any way, then you can visit their web site, or follow them on Facebook. If you have stories or events you would like to share you can do this directly on the web site or email them. If you would like to support this work then you can also email them at [email protected]