Gatehouse Christmas Appeal 2019


For over thirty years Gatehouse (a local charity offering support to the most needy in our community) has been offering a Christmas Day Lunch to those who might otherwise be on their own on Christmas Day.

This year the lunch will take place at St Benedict’s School in Beetons Way, Bury St Edmunds – providing a hearty meal and entertainment to well over one hundred people.

Foodstuffs, volunteers and monetary donations are needed please – to ensure the day goes well. Christmas Hampers are also distributed to deserving families to help them through the festive time of year.

>  please can you provide a cash donation?

>  please can you offer your services as a volunteer driver to transport guests to and from the lunch?

> please let us know of anybody who will be on his/her own at Christmas or who would truly welcome a Christmas hamper.

But Gatehouse is not just for Christmas……

 Gatehouse also runs the local Foodbank, providing food parcels to needy families all the year round.

Gatehouse offers weekday Day-Care Services to those living with dementia and those who care for them.

Gatehouse also runs a Furniture Store, where clients can purchase good quality household goods at competitive prices.

‘No-one in genuine need is ever turned away’

CONTACT: 01284 754967  |  [email protected]