Talitha Koum’s Women Together groups celebrate 5 Year anniversary


    It’s incredible to think that Women Together began back in September 2014.  In July 2015 the second group opened at Shepherd Drive Baptist Church and in January 2017 the third group started at Whitton Baptist Church.

    Over the 5 years, 125 different women come through the doors with many different problems and needs all at varying stages of acceptance and recovery. Everyone who has come to a WT group has received a warm welcome, love, care and support from those attending the group – the women themselves.

    It is crucial to recognise the people who have helped make the groups happen – each member of staff, volunteer and attendee all playing a special part in forming the supportive ethos.

    This anniversary isn’t solely a celebration of WT as a group, it’s a celebration of the women; all they have achieved and how they have loved, cared and supported each other through the groups.

    There have been some tough times, though and one of WT’s favourite affirmations says, ‘Courage doesn’t always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” But there has also been a lot of love and support: the greatest help is that of one woman suffering with a dependency helping and reaching out to another.

    God so loves us all and we are all his children. We celebrate his leadership and care in all that is to come.
    God Bless these amazing women, survivors and warriors together.