Soap Nuts and Other Wonders


Just Traid is finishing 2019 on a high and is happy to report another extremely successful Christmas Fayre weekend, thanks to all the hard work and dedication of  volunteers and Board members. It is truly grateful for everyone’s support.

Just Traid experienced a significant increase in sales compared with the same weekend in 2018 and a monumental increase in comparison to 2017! On Thursday, 96 people were served in the café at the centre in St John’s St, Bury St Edmunds; 162 were served on Friday and a whopping 229 enjoyed the wonderful food at the café on Saturday. The weekend was most encouraging!

Christmas stock is arriving regularly. At one point, no-one could move in the stockroom
because of all the boxes! The merchandise is on the shelves now with more to come. A
fabulous array of Black Yak hats, gloves and scarves is available as well as a plethora of
Christmas items.

The kimonos made from upcycled saris are very popular, and so are the bags of soap nuts.
Soap nuts? Soap nuts are a natural laundry detergent derived from soapberries, which grow on trees. They are non-toxic, allergy-free and sustainably sourced. Each bag of Ecozone soap nuts is £6.49 and contains enough nuts to do 100 washes at an average of 5p per wash.  Another example of how amazing the Creation is!

Did you know…?
Just Traid will be closed from 24 December until 1 January, reopening on 2 January.
• All churches that are registered as Fair Trade churches need to re-register. This can be
done online. Please pass this on to whoever is responsible in your church.
Just Traid is very short of volunteers during this hectic time of year. Please ring Hayley Cook  on 01284 756860 if you would like find out more about joining the team.

Everyone at Just Traid wishes you a wonderful Christmas and thanks you for your continued support. Our shopping choices can make life better for those in developing countries, ensuring fair wages, fair treatment, quality medical care and educational opportunities for all.