As most of the world faces a sense of uncertainty like never before, Elaine Coltham’s prayer remembers that God gives reassurance, of which we are to play a visible, active part.

Father in these days of continuing uncertainty
May we be filled with Your reassurance.
As our troubled nations battle an invisible war
May your people root seeds of peace.
As the world’s hungry cry out in despair
May we respond from the depths of our pockets.
When the lonely wait in silence
May we give our time.
When our brothers and sisters search for You
May we be an encouraging signpost.
When the sick need a healer
May we be constant in prayer.
When our lives become barren and empty
May we bear new fruit for Your glory.
When darkness envelops our lives
May we be bathed in the presence of Your light.
Father in these days of restless uncertainty
May we find a life filled with Your reassurance.
~ Elaine Coltham