A story of Christian Service during Covid-19


    St Christopher’s, the new Rural Resourcing Church at  Red Lodge, has been serving Red Lodge and the surrounding villages since before lockdown; starting cafes to overcome isolation and grow community. Since Covid-19, it has been co-ordinating local deliveries of food and medicine with a team of volunteers – making over 100 deliveries a week. Its Sunday Breakfast Outreach has become Zoom Breakfast Chat including accessible Worship. The Toddler Café has gone online led by Alison Earl.

    The minister there, Diane Grano says;
    ” This period of Coronavirus lockdown is giving us an unexpected opportunity to present Jesus in a new way. We have an opportunity right now to be the hands and feet and voice of Jesus to people who are isolated, lonely, worried, sick, elderly, vulnerable or financially challenged.”

    ” As we deliver shopping, medications, food parcels, Easter gifts, Easter cards, sing a birthday song, give online or phone call support or walk dogs, we try and encourage each person and leave them with a blessing from God.”

    ” Lightwave volunteers have been really blessed in their serving, seeing many new faces and delighting in the little smiles of appreciation. We are getting to know people hidden behind closed doors that we may never have encountered. We feel really privileged to be loving and caring for those who need it most. The Lord has entrusted 109 people into our care which includes young single mums with their children across 12 rural villages.”

    ” With a little creativity, the Lightwave Café continues. We have four virtual lounges meeting every week. Toddler Café keeps us connected with young mothers through this difficult time; Wednesday is an opportunity to explore faith, Friday morning prayers keep the team energised and Monday Social is a time to relax and laugh a little.”

    All these meetings are accessible through the website: www.lightwavemission.org    (Looking forward to seeing you virtually sometime!)

    ” We are already praying about what will happen when we come out of the other end of this
    pandemic and how we will continue to connect with our new friends, with possible plans to invite them to a lunch or an afternoon tea. We see that this will give us another opportunity to get to know them better, for them to visit the Lightwave Café and to want to continue the connection by regularly attending one of our café events.”

    We continue to pray that the love of Jesus will emerge stronger, brighter and more powerful than our world has ever seen!

    “I’ve always liked volunteering – but since I have found faith through the Lightwave group,
    the thought that I can do this for Jesus gives me such joy.” Maxine

    “The word ‘Thank you’ is inadequate for all the kind work, effort, selfless dedication that you have shown during the current situation. Without the Lightwave group I do not even want to imagine what suffering would be endured by the many that you are helping!” Shazia Shujah, Proper Officer and Responsible Finance Officer, Red Lodge Parish Council

    “I would like to say thank you, which isn’t really enough for all your help. We have our
    medication and some lovely food which has been very thoughtfully put together, it was very
    generous and like Christmas with the sweeties. So good to find people and your team the
    lady on the door was so nice it has lifted my spirit considerable” Helen Sheridan

    “Thank you so much for the Easter prayer and chocolate, we all have our own beliefs but
    that was great” Oliver Dunn

    “I nominated Lightwave volunteers for all the work Lightwave are doing in Red Lodge and
    villages, they are currently helping over 100 families and elderly residents ❤️ please
    nominate to say thank you.” FB

    ‘It is good to be able to help in small ways and many have said that it makes a big difference. It has helped me to have a purpose, connect with the community and share the love of Jesus.’ Alison, volunteer