Communion in the light of COVID-19


    In what promises to be a very helpful and illuminating session, The Society for Ecumenical Studies, in conjunction with The Tablet and Reform, is to host a webinar on Communion in the light of COVID-19.

    It is scheduled to take place on Thursday 16 July, 6 – 7.30pm and will be the first in a series of three webinars on themes around the response of the Churches to the situation created by the current pandemic.

    The speakers will be:

    Revd Dr John Bradbury, the incoming General Secretary of the URC and co-chair of the URC-Roman Catholic Dialogue, for which he has written a paper on Communion. More recently, he has written on Communion in the lockdown times.

    Dr Sara Parvis, Senior Lecturer in Early Church History at the University of Edinburgh. She is a lifelong Catholic, and recently wrote for the Tablet from an experiential perspective on the presence and absence of communion during the lockdown.

    Dr. Matthew Cheung Salisbury, a member of the Faculty of Music in the University of Oxford and the national Liturgy and Worship Adviser to the Church of England.

    The evening will be chaired by Rev Dr Elizabeth Welch, the Chair of the Society for Ecumenical Studies.

    Everyone is most welcome to attend.

    There is a suggested donation of £5  towards the costs of the webinar and bookings should be made via The Tablet at