Are you a Prayer Writer?


    Education Sunday is a national day of prayer and celebration for everyone in the world of education and it will take place this year on 13 September.

    The theme for 2020 will be “A learning people in a time of change”.

    This year, Education Sunday takes place at a time when many children, young people and staff have been away from schools, colleges and universities and have been working in different ways. Churches, too, have had to learn and adapt, whilst still maintaining a pattern of worship. This is a time to think about what we have learnt about ourselves, about our communities and about God.

    The annual theme is devised by an ecumenical steering group representing different
    Christian denominations and organisations. An introduction to the 2020 theme has been written by Barbara Easton, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference 2021-22 and Head of Service, Methodist Academies and Schools Trust. You can read it here.

    The Bible passages for this year are:
    Exodus 14.19-31
    Psalm 114
    Romans 14.1-12
    Matthew 18.21-35

    The Steering Group would love to include some prayers from those who feel they have learnt something during this time of change which they would like to share. A selection of the prayers will be included on the Education Sunday Resources page for others to use. A growing list of resources for this year (logos, documents, guides) can be found here.

    Please send  them to Sarah Lane Cawte at [email protected]

    And please send them to Network Suffolk too and we will share them on our website!

    Our email address for your prayers and anything else you would like to share with us is [email protected]