Ipswich CAP centre to close


On the 23rd October 2020 the Ipswich CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Debt Centre will close its doors after 7 years.  That will leave Ipswich as one of the only large conurbations in the UK without a CAP centre! Jayne Green has been the Centre Manager and the only Debt Coach for those 7 years and is hoping this isn’t the end for CAP Debt Help in Ipswich.

Jayne says, “It needs a Church or a group of Churches, with the resources available, to meet the current need and that anticipated to come through the recent lockdown and effects on jobs and families. Rushmere Community Church (formerly Rushmere Christian Fellowship) have done an amazing job serving the Ipswich community for the last 7 years., but now it needs someone else.”

Over the last 7 years the Ipswich CAP Centre has helped people across the town struggling with debt – resulting in 41 families becoming debt free!

Jayne says, “The impact on those families is immense”.

One debt free client said, “Before CAP came into my life, I was so much in debt. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t eat much, I just had plain toast – I couldn’t eat – I was so worried. I wouldn’t open my door to anyone, I even kept my curtains drawn. I didn’t look to the future because as far as I was concerned I hadn’t got one.  I ended up praying to God for help and he did – CAP! They were kind, helpful, understanding.  They changed my life forever. They gave me vouchers for coffee, a big Christmas hamper, they helped me save. Now I have a nice little car, plenty of food…and no more toast! Now I can see light at the end of the tunnel.”

CAP are passionate about serving and equipping the local Church – to reach out to the poor and hurting in their community.  By partnering with CAP, your Church has the opportunity to demonstrate God’s love in action.  Working with CAP gives your Church the tools to bring hope and good news to some of the most marginalised people in your community.

Jayne continues, “It works!  We have seen 22 people say ‘yes’ to Jesus – either to recommit their lives or for the first time!  We have seen God answer prayers in some amazing ways.  Our team of volunteers have had their faith tested and strengthened as they walk alongside people in all walks of life.”

Can you and your Church get involved?

Ipswich needs a CAP debt help centre!  Could you and your Church get involved?  Please contact Jayne at jaynegreen@capuk.org before the 10th October 2020 to discuss this further.

You can also check out CAP at capuk.org or speak to someone at CAP Headquarters on 01274 760720.