Love Ipswich Hamper Appeal 2020


For the last few years, Love Ipswich has co-ordinated a Hamper Appeal, creating luxury hampers filled with a Christmas dinner for a family of four, coupled with a £10 supermarket voucher used to buy perishable items. The aim of Love Ipswich is to reach the needs of the town practically and to make people feel valued and loved.

Ipswich is a town which like many others in the country is experiencing high levels of poverty and a rise in youth crime. A recent newspaper report in the Ipswich Star stated that up to 50,000 children are currently living in poverty within the town.

Love Ipswich works with local charities, social services, local organisations and local schools to generate a list of referrals for the recipients of the hampers and has delivered 69, 101, 182 and 214 hampers respectively.

This year due to COVID-19 restrictions Love Ipswich is changing its hamper appeal slightly. This year, it will be delivering ‘treat boxes’ instead of the Christmas dinner in a box.

These treat boxes will consist of chocolates, sweets and treats and include an increased monetary voucher of£30, allowing families to make their own decisions on how they can best use the money. With so many people facing financial and health insecurity this year, it is obvious that the need is greater than ever.

The other difference this year is that Love Ipswich will not be collecting physical donations but instead would love to encourage businesses, families, friendship and church groups to donate to the appeal financially. This is the best way to keep volunteers, donors and recipients safe during this uncertain time.

The hampers have made a monumental difference in the lives of the individuals and families which received them. One volunteer who personally delivered one of the hampers last year commented,  ‘When we knocked on the door of this family- who have struggled financially for a while as the father had to give up work due to a long term illness – the mother had tears in her eyes. They were overwhelmed by the generosity of so many people they had never met and were taken back by the “beauty” of their hamper. The mother mentioned that she felt this overwhelming sense of relief as she now had drinks and treats to offer her children and their friends over the Christmas period, and this Christmas may not be as stressful as she had anticipated.’

To achieve their big ambition Love Ipswich is asking for your support, however big or small. Please contact [email protected] for information about how to donate.