Resources for Remembrance Sunday


    The Eastern Baptist Association Team has put together some resources that any churches can use for Remembrance Sunday.

    There are several different resources that you could use for a Remembrance Day service. This has been prepared with a view to being accessible to all ages.

    In the main video you will find:

    A welcome and opening prayer

    A memory game and explanation

    An introduction to 2 minutes of silence

    2 minutes of silence (bracketed by bugle calls)

    Prayers of intercession

    Thoughts around remembrance based on Jesus’ words “Do this in remembrance of me”

    Closing blessing (St Patrick’s Breastplate)

    Each section has an introductory slide to provide moments when you can pause the video in order to play your own songs / hymns from whatever source you are using. The first section of the video runs for almost exactly 8 minutes up to the 2 minutes of silence so if you only want to use that you will need to start it at 10:52am.

    In addition there are separate video files (and PowerPoints) of just the Memory Game and the 2 minutes of silence with bugle calls in case you just want to use them as part of your own service.

    There is also a printed version of the service (with relevant adaptations) in case you have people who are unable to join with video services whom you would like to feel included.

    If you would like to download the EBA’s Remembrance resources you can find all of the files here