Happy New Year to you all from Storehouse!


Vicky Leonard, Storehouse Team Leader writes;

“As expected, it was a very hectic Christmas at Storehouse. Thank you so much for your amazing support with food, financial donations and prayer. We received over 7,500 items and together fed 417 adults, 250 children in December.

We are far from out of the woods with regard to the virus and the financial strain on our community. These next few months are going to continue to feel dark for so many. However, in all circumstances God’s love continues to shine a light in the darkness.

Please help Storehouse to bring God’s light to this community by donating items on our Wanted List or simply passing this request on to others.

It’s very difficult for people to ask for help from us, but we aim to treat everyone with respect and dignity. Therefore, we ask that you don’t donate any item that has an obvious Christmas design on it. Receiving someone else’s Christmas leftovers doesn’t honour them, no matter how tasty they may be!

All details of donation points, along with full information about Storehouse, can be found here.

Stay safe, every blessing, Vicky. “